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The official tourist information website Ravenna Tourism is part of the Tourist Service System (SITur) of the Region Emilia-Romagna and has the Emilia Romagna Tourism portal as its main access.

The Tourist Information System aims to offer tourists and visitors an overview of all the opportunities, places to visit and events in Emilia Romagna, by guaranteeing correct and exhaustive information.
Common regulations and information models are decided at the regional level, in accordance with local offices, in order to enhance the user navigation of the system, whereas the local editorial offices are responsible for evaluating the tourist opportunities offered by their specific area and for gathering and publishing all the relevant information on the website.

Tourism Editorial Office of Ravenna

Person in charge: Dott.ssa Maria Grazia Marini
Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste
Piazza Kennedy - entrance from via Luca Longhi, 9 
48121 Ravenna
Tel. +39 0544 482099
Fax +39 0544 546097

IAT and UIT offices | Tourist Information Service

Person in charge: Dott.ssa Sara Laghi
Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste
Piazza Kennedy - entrance from via Luca Longhi, 9 
Tel. +39 0544 482680

Located in the city centre close to the historic buildings, the Tourist Information Centres (I.A.T.) are open all year:

I.A.T. Ravenna city centre
Piazza San Francesco, 7 - Ravenna
Tel. +39 +39 0544 35404 | +39 0544 35755
Fax +39 0544 546097

Info point Teodorico
Via delle Industrie, 14 - Ravenna
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 451539

The Tourist Information Centres at the seaside (U.I.T.) are open from Easter to September:

U.I.T. Casal Borsetti
Via Delle Viole, 1/a - Casal Borsetti
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 444912

U.I.T. Marina Romea
Viale Ferrara, 7 - Marina Romea
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 448323

U.I.T. Porto Corsini
Via Lamone, 18 - Porto Corsini
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 447688

U.I.T. Marina di Ravenna
Piazzale Marinai d'Italia, 17 - Marina di Ravenna
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 485800

U.I.T. Punta Marina Terme
Via della Fontana, 2 - Punta Marina Terme
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 437312

U.I.T. Lido Adriano
Viale Petrarca, 434 - Lido Adriano
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 495353

U.I.T. Lido di Dante
Viale Catone, 10 - Lido di Dante
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 492106

U.I.T. Lido di Classe
Viale F.lli Vivaldi, 51 - Lido di Classe
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 939278

U.I.T. Lido di Savio
Viale Romagna, 244 - Lido di Savio
Tel. / Fax +39 0544 949063

Edited by the editorial team

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Last modified date: 06/04/2020


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