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Ravenna Maritime Park

Close your eyes and try to imagine... The works for the great project of the Ravenna Maritime Park are about to begin, revolutionizing in a few years the landscape of the nine beaches of the former Byzantine capital.

Objective: to connect the beaches to the pine forest, as well as the city of art to the so-called 'piallasse' (a sort of lagoons), thanks to a series of interventions that will make the coast of Ravenna one of the most beautiful in Emilia-Romagna and beyond.

Looking at the landscape of the coast in our region, the beaches in Ravenna are amazing in their peculiarities, so different from the nearby cities of Rimini and Riccione.

The coastline of Ravenna is ‘thousand things in one. First of all, there is the Po Delta Park shaping the geography of the landscape, along with 35 kilometers of coastline that welcome nine beach towns, so different from one another. Everything here is in a perfect balance where beaches, dunes, pine forests and wet lands coexist in a way you cannot find anywhere else.

A sea to breathe, enjoy, share

A territory you wouldn't expect and visit when you think about the Riviera Romagnola.

Key element of every scenario is the permanent presence of NATURE that takes on, now and then, a different semblance, especially near the river mouths.

The pine forest behind the beach outlines breathtaking landscapes that perfectly combine with the blue of the Adriatic and the beach resorts, which offer a unique and suggestive experience to all visitors thanks to its hospitality and many services.

The new project of the Ravenna Maritime Park aims at making even more suggestive all this area through a series of focused actions that not only will enhance the beach and the sea but also the entire coast, starting from the most central beach towns of Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme.

To achieve this goal, a very ambitious project has been carried out, featuring an accurate renovation of the pine forests and of the coastal dunes in order to enhance a greater interaction man-nature. Moreover, the project aimes to create and develop a network of trails (pedestrian and cycling) to connect the seaside to the inland, upgrading the access to the beach resorts and increasing the openings onto the sea with parks, piazzas and rest areas, so to offer an original and amazing landscape.

A new way to imagine and, most of all, to enjoy the seaside in Ravenna.

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Last modified date: 11/08/2020



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