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Shuttle to Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme

Free shuttle service to the beaches of Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme

From 12 June to Sunday 6 September - every weekend and holiday - the free shuttle service to Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme is available.

Shuttles departing from the car parks of via del Marchesato and via Trieste reach the beaches of Marina di Ravenna, and the shuttles leaving from the partking lot of via Trieste reach the beaches of Punta Marina Terme.

The service is offered by Start Romagna for the Municipality of Ravenna.



• Friday: from 8pm to 2am 
• Saturday: from 2pm to 2am
• Sunday: from 9am to 10pm 

extra service JUNE
Saturday 20 June: from 9am to 2am
Satuday 27 June: from 9am to 2am


• Friday: from 8pm to 2am 
• Saturday: from 9am to 2am 
• Sunday: from 9am 10pm 

extra service JULY and AUGUST
Wednesday 22 July: from 8pm to 2am
Thursday 23 July: from 8pm to 2am

Monday 10 August: from 2pm to 2am
Tuesday 11 August: from 2pm to 2am
Wednesday 12 August: from 2pm to 2am
Thursday 13 August: from 2pm to 2am
Friday 14 August: from 9am to 4am
Saturday 15 August: from 9am to 4am
Sunday 16 August: from 9am to 12am


• Saturday: from 2pm to 2am 
• Sunday: from 2pm to 10pm 



The buses to Marina di Ravenna run at different times depending on the day (Usually every 15 minutes. However on Sundays, runs every 12 min. until 8pm and In July and August, on Saturday, from 2pm to 8pm runs every 12 minutes).
The buses to the village of Punta Marina Terme run every 15 minutes. 

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