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Antiques and craft market 

City centre - Ravenna
Date: third weekend of every month.
Every month many exhibitors snake from Piazza Garibaldi and via Gordini, over Via Corrado Ricci, Piazza dei Caduti and Via De Gasperi, to Via Diaz and Piazza Einaudi. An open-air market where antique lovers and curious will find quality items, walking along the most beautiful streets of the city.

Fatto Ad Arte Street Market

City centre - Ravenna
Date: every Friday (in the summer*); first weekend of every month (in winter**); first and second weekend of every month (in December)
Fatto Ad Arte is an exhibition market for hobbyists and creative people. It is an original idea - these creations will never appear in art galleries or boutiques, but only in the single large shop window afforded by the streets of the historic city centre.

* from penultimate Friday of June to the second Friday of September
** from October to May

Exhibition market of natural and organic foods

Via A. Diaz - Ravenna
Date: 3rd Saturday and Sunday of each month
The Little Market offers fruit and vegetables that originate from organic plantations, herbalist's shop products, integrale food, macrobiotic, food and preserves processed naturally, cosmetics which come from natural herbs and essences, products from bees, aromatic plants, ecological clean products, care products for the health and the prevention (provided in natural materials), books and reviews about the subject, educational and ecological games, handmade objects produced with poor and used materials.

Farmers’ market

Piazza della Resistenza - Ravenna
Date: Monday and Thursday afternoon
Hours from November to March: 2pm - 6pm
Hours from April to October: 3.30pm - 7.30pm
The farmers’ market reasserts the need for agriculture built from the bottom up, respecting the land and the dignity of the people who live on it and work it, and the need to create a market without middlemen, with a genuine, close relationship between producers and consumers at its heart. At the market, the public can taste and buy all sorts of excellent local produce, such as seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese, cured and raw meats, honey, flour, oils and wines, jams and lots of other interesting products, sourced entirely from farmers in the local area.

Farmers’ market

Viale Farini - Ravenna
Date: every Tuesday afternoon
Stalls with seasonal fruit, vegetables and local specialties, sold directly from local producers.  

Mercato Biomarchè dei produttori biologici

Piazza San Francesco - Ravenna
Date: every Tuesday afternoon
Hours: 4.30pm - 8pm
Weekly market of organic producers in the area. Seasonal organic produce certified according to European and international standards and monitored by the bodies recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mercatino del Gras

Centro Sociale Spartaco
Via Chiavica Romea, 88 - Ravenna
Date: Tuesday
Hours: 5pm - 8pm
The GRAS (Ravenna Fair Trade Group) has been organized in Ravenna for more than six years now. GRAS is a group of people who buy vegetables, fruit, shoes, rice, detergents, seitan, honey, flour, pasta, oil, tomato souce and other things directly from producers, choosing the manufacturer according to ethical, environmental and quality principles. 

Pedlars’ markets

Piazza Zaccagnini Date: Wednesday and Saturday morning
Piazzetta del Trebbo Poetico Date: Wednesday and Saturday morning
Piazza Medaglie d'Oro Date: Friday morning

Castiglione di Ravenna (Piazza Della Libertà) Date: Tuesday morning
Mezzano (Piazza Donati) Date: Tuesday morning
Piangipane (Piazza XXII Giugno) Date: Thursday morning
Sant'Alberto (Piazza Garibaldi) Date: Thursday morning
Sant'Alberto(Piazza Angelo Amadori) Date: Thursday morning
San Pietro in Vincoli (Piazza Foro Boario) Date: Friday morning
Savarna (Piazza Italia) Date: Friday afternoon
Villanova di Ravenna (Piazza Galimberti) Date: Wednesday afternoon

Casal Borsetti (Piazza Marradi) - Date: Tuesday afternoon (Winter)
Casal Borsetti (Viale Casalborsetti) - Date: Sunday morning (Summer)
Lido Adriano (Viale Virgilio) - Date: Tuesday morning  (Summer)
Lido di Dante (Viale Catone) - Date: Thursday afternoon (Summer)
Lido di Classe (Piazza Ricci) - Date: Thursday afternoon (Summer)
Lido di Savio (Piazza Forlimpopoli) - Date: Monday afternoon (Summer)
Marina di Ravenna (Piazza Dora Markus) - Date: Wednesday/Saturday afternoon (Winter); in viale Spalato - Wednesday/Saturday afternoon (Summer)
Marina Romea (Piazza Italia) - Date: Tuesday afternoon (Summer)
Porto Corsini (Viale Sirotti) - Date: Sunday morning (Summer)
Punta Marina Terme (Piazza San Massimiano) - Date: Friday afternoon (Winter)
Punta Marina Terme (Viale Dei Navigatori) - Date: Friday afternoon (Summer)

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