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Punte Alberete and Mandriole Valley

Punte Alberete and Mandriole Valley (Valle Mandriole) are the last remaining freshwater marshes deriving from the ancient southern swampy forests of the Po Valley. Their origin is closely related to the story of the river Lamone, that until the 14th century had no direct coastal outlet. The first works in the area began only in 1839 thanks to the intervention of the papal authority, who encouraged its reclamation.

Mandriole Valley (or Valle della Canna) is a natural area situated to the north of river Lamone with freshwater pools and sandbanks covered with reed thickets. On the south side of the valley rises a small watchtower for the observation of the whole area and of the birds that nest here. This makes the valley a real paradise for lovers of nature photography and birdwatching.

South of the River Lamone stretches Punte Alberete, an impressing forest for the variety of its landscapes, that range from hydric forests and swamped grasslands to open plains. The flora (water lilies and swamp lilies) and fauna (ferruginous duck, purple heron, glossy ibis, squacco herons, night heron, bitterns and little bitterns) growing in this valley is characteristic of marshlands.

The park is crossed by raised paths and equipped with signs that identify and define typical plant types. Moreover, in the Sciafèla (Carraia Scargnarda), an area devoid of vegetation, there is a shielded observatory. The footpath is reserved for pedestrians and runs completely in the shade. 


For further information on guided tours

NatuRa Museum, Sant'Alberto (Ra)
Tel: +39 0544 528710 - 529260

How to get there

The Oasis of Punte Alberete is situated north of Ravenna, close to Canale Fossatone. If you are travelling by car, drive along Strada Statale 309 "Romea" until km 8. You can start your visit from the car park next to Punte Alberete.

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