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Park of Theoderic

The Park of Theoderic represents a link between the route of the historic walls and the outer green belt of the city of Ravenna. In the park rises one of the most important monuments of Ravenna, the Mausoleum of Theoderic.

The park was designed by architect Boris Podrecca around the Mausoleum, thus giving magnificent views of the building. It is also reminiscent of typical elements of the territory, such as the countryside and water landscapes.

Next to the northern entrance of the park are some ponds covered by lotus flowers in summer. Walking on the wood footbridge that crosses them or on the side footpaths, it is possible to see all animal species populating the ponds (turtles, fishes, geese, ducks, and seagulls).
The park also contains vegetable gardens, areas with trees, children’s playgrounds and footpaths for walkers and joggers. Along the main path are two buildings that host a bar and toilet facilities.


Openings hours

Every day: 7.30am until sunset

Admission to the park is subject to the strict respect of the prohibition of gatherings as well as the 1m safety distance from each other. The kids play areas are closed.

Entrance fee

Free admission

How to get there

The park is located near the city centre and close to a bus parking and a car park. Bus route 2 and 5. In the surroundings of IAT Teodorico (Tourist Information Centre), Rocca Brancaleone and Mausoleum of Theoderic.

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