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Rocca Brancaleone Garden

The Rocca Brancaleone Garden (Giardino Della Rocca Brancaleone), measuring about 17.000 square metres, was laid out in the early 70s within the walls of the ancient Venetian fortress. The park is protected and closed at night. Its surface is crossed by beautiful sandstone paths where visitors can walk safely. 

In the park, there is a playground, a skating rink, benches and fountains, a bar and public toilets, which make it particularly suitable for children. At the same time, its shade and silence create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and reading.
An educational trail with information boards describes the historical, architectural and functional features of the Brancaleone fortress, as well as informing visitors on the various tree types growing in the park.

In the rear part of the fortress, just outside the walls, a special area is dedicated to dogs.

Opening hours

Every day:  8am -9pm

The admission to the park is subject to the strict respect of the gathering prohibition rules as well as the 1 m safety distance from each other. The kids play areas are closed.

Entrance fee

Free admission

How to get there

The park is located in the city centre. 100m away from the railway station. Car park in the surroundings, bus route 2 and 3. Close to Mausoleum of Theoderic and Porta Serrata.

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