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Neonian Baptistery

  • Neonian Baptistery

    Neonian Baptistery

  • Neonian Baptistery with flowers

    Neonian Baptistery with flowers

  • Neonian Baptistery - Detail of midnight Hetoimasia

    Neonian Baptistery - Midnight Hetoimasia. Detail

  • Neonian Baptistery - Interior

    Neonian Baptistery - Interior

  • Neonian Baptistery - Roman Baptismal Font

    Neonian Baptistery - Roman Baptismal Font

  • Neonian Baptistery - Detail of the Baptism

    Neonian Baptistery - Detail of the Baptism

  • Neonian Baptistery - Detail of the dome

    Neonian Baptistery - Detail of the dome

  • Neonian Baptistery - Mosaic detail

    Neonian Baptistery - Mosaic detail

  • Neonian Baptistery - Purple Swamphen

    Neonian Baptistery - Purple Swamphen

  • Neonian Baptistery - Concert

    Neonian Baptistery - Concert

The Neonian Baptistery is one of the most ancient monuments of the city of Ravenna. It was commissioned by Bishop Urso and probably built at the beginning of the 5th century like the nearby cathedral. During the episcopacy of Neon (450 - 475), the baptistery underwent many restoration works that ended with the reconstruction of the cupola and the realization of the interior decoration, still present today.

The brick building is octagonal in shape and has four big external niches. On every side, rounded windows and underground doors can be seen from the inside of the church.

The interior of the baptistery consists of two rows of arches put one above the other. Its decoration is divided into three tiers, the lower one covered with marble pieces, the middle one with stucco-works, while the upper section is adorned with mosaics of Hellenic-Roman influence. At the centre of the dome, a big medallion frames the Baptism of Christ, depicted as a young man immersed in the hips in the sheer waters of the river Jordan.

This is one of the oldest mosaic scenes of the Baptism of Christ housed inside a monumental building. The images of the twelve Apostles, divided into two groups led by Saint Peter and Paul, revolve around the central medallion, standing out against a blue background. A second ring shows eight exedrae that cover thrones and altars and symbolize the concept of the heavenly city and the spread of the Christian doctrine.

In the middle of the building, an octagonal font of Greek marble and porphyry rebuilt in the 16th century still preserves some of its original elements from the 5th century.

In the early 20th century, Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founders of psychoanalysis, was particularly impressed by the magic of these decorations.

Opening times

Pursuant to the Decree of the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic (3 November 2020), all the Diocesan monuments will be closed to the public until further notice.

Admission fee

Ticket: €10.50
Reduced ticket: €9.50 (*)
The combined ticket includes the entry to Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Neonian Baptistery (**), Basilica of San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (**) and Archiepiscopal Museum and Chapel. The ticket is valid for 7 consecutive days from the date of issue and entitles the holder to one entry for each monument

* Valid for Italian and foreign students during the school year; valid for organizations with special agreements (see details)
** There is an additional charge of €2 that applies to access the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and Neonian Baptistery. Mandatory booking for groups. The charge applies also to children over 6 and residents of Ravenna.

Tickets can be booked online or by contacting the Reservations Center

In addition, tickets can also be purchased on the day of visit at the ticket offices located in each monumental complex:
Archiepiscopal Museum, Piazza Arcivescovado 1
Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Via di Roma 53
Basilica of San Vitale, Via Argentario 22

For further information:

Free of charge

Children up to 10 years, citizens of Ravenna (with valid document), disabled people with certified disability over 74% or "carta bianca" holders, ecclesiastics, soldiers, tourist guides of Region Emilia-Romagna at work. Journalists must request free admission in advance to the Opera di Religione by writing to

For groups: 1 free tour leader every 20 paying visitors. For schools: 1 free teacher every 10 paying students


The Baptistery is wheelchair accessible

How to get there

The Baptistery is situated in the controlled traffic zone of the city centre. Bus stop 200m away (all routes), car park 50m away. Close to the Cathedral, Archiepiscopal Museum and Archiepiscopal Chapel

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