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Ardea Purpurea fountain

The beautiful Ardea Purpurea fountain is a monumental mosaic fountain designed and realized by master Marco Bravura, a renowned mosaic artist from Ravenna. The sculpture was created in Beirut in the wake of the event Le Vie dell’Amicizia of Ravenna Festival 1999. It was then duplicated in July 2004 to illuminate Piazza Della Resistenza with mosaics and fill it with symbols. A sculpture can be a symbol of identification for the ethnic groups of the region that welcomes it: its name, “Ardea Purpurea” is one of the names given to the Phoenix, that obtains new life by rising from its ashes.

The art of mosaic is a process of shattering and joining together of material, in a constant search for harmony. Rebirth, reconstruction, and tension are represented in this fountain by the spiral upthrust and helical movement of the two monoliths that make up the work, which symbolizes the DNA.


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