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Basilica Spirito Santo

The Basilica Spirito Santo (Basilica of the Holy Spiritwas originally consecrated by Arian bishops in the early 6th century AD and then converted to Catholic religion by archbishop Agnellus around 560. Today, the church does not significantly differ from its original appearance. However, the building is now 2 metres lower because in the 16th century the floor was elevated to counteract the phenomenon of subsidence. A 5th-century porch with five big arches on the front and one on the shorter northern side dominates the façade. 

The basilica is divided into a nave and two side aisles, separated by fourteen columns topped by capitals and pulvinos. The 6th century Greek marble ambo is decorated on both sides with two crosses on a globe, while in the central curved part fluted small columns form three aedicules with shells and a tympanum.


Opening hours

The basilica has been given to a community of Orthodox monks, that open it exclusively on Sunday for religious services, from 10am to 12pm. Anyway, visits are always prohibited

How to get there

The church is situated in the city centre, inside the controlled traffic zone. Car park 100m away. Bus stop 100m away. Wheelchair accessible. In the surroundings of Arian Baptistery.

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